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College Prep Program

This package is designed for students early in their high school journey that want a jump start on the college process. We first offer an overview of the college landscape and begin the college planning process with parents and students. We conduct a thorough assessment of all aspects of our students and guide them through a self-assessment, which leads to more clarity on their interests and goals. 

Our College Prep Program is designed to chart a course for younger students and provide them with study skills and time management techniques to help them successfully pursue the goals and interests they have discovered.  The following are the six areas we cover in the College Prep Program:

Aptitude & Personality Assessments

We offer a suite of personality & aptitude assessments that helps students understand their strengths, personality, learning and productivity preferences, and multiple intelligences. We also guide students through a process of self-discovery by identifying values and themes that will play important roles as they build a high school record and help them communicate a strategically planned application. Their interests and goals will also help narrow down their preferences for college later on.


Extracurricular & Activities Planning

It is not just about grades anymore. Students that want to enroll in selective colleges must establish leadership and/or initiative goals for extracurricular and summer activities in a way that stands out. Simply dabbling in many activities does not make a student well-rounded and can potentially backfire as a demonstration of a lack of commitment. Waypoint guides students in creative ways to think about participating in and making the most of extracurricular activities, community service, and summer enrichment programs that genuinely interest them.


Study & Time Management Skills

We work with students on improving their study skills and time management. We customize our approach based on each student's learning and productivity preferences from our assessments. Likewise, we provide techniques on developing better time management that they can practice throughout high school so that they can be prepared for the demands of a college workload. 


Academic Planning

We review any grades the student has at that point and go over their school's course catalog. Based on the interests we discover during the assessments, we strategically plan the course schedule that can open the door to more opportunities in college, while balancing that with the right level of rigor that is manageable for the student. Ultimately, our goal is to match academic and career interests as best as possible. 


Standardized Test Prep

We provide a standardized test assessment that is applicable to their stage in high school. We set specific study goals and can provide additional practice tests to see if they are improving their self-guided study plan.


College Planning

Whether your child is a first-generation student or comes from a long line of college graduates, we tailor our college planning to help parents understand the current college landscape and how to best support their student's journey. We understand that the concerns among parents with college-bound students vary. During our intake process, we capture those concerns in questionnaires and discuss them with parents, followed by resources and recommendations on setting the right path for you and your child. We also provide an overview of the things parents should consider at this stage of their child's journey and a thorough checklist to keep you on the right path.

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