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Welcome to College Aid Pro

Discovering Your Most Affordable Path to College
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In partnership with College Aid Pro, Waypoint College Consulting provides you full access to the latest college financial aid information and one of the best college financial planning tools.

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Easy Access

As part of any of the service packages, families will have access to this tool, which includes a detailed net-cost calculator and various reports that you can access.

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Up To Date

College Aid Pro updates their data constantly and has a team of fantastic financial planners and data analysts that provide accurate financial aid information and the latest scholarships offered by universities.

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Net-Cost Comparison of 2,400+ Schools

Find schools that will give you the most affordable education and compare your family's out-of-pocket cost. This comparison allows you to contrast different school options across the country, calculate EFCs, and intelligently search for the best-fit schools for your college-bound kids.​

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Expected Family Contribution Calculations

The College Aid Pro™ tool helps you understand what each college thinks you can afford,

otherwise known as your expected family contribution.

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Custom Reports

You will never be left to wonder what the actual

cost of college is. Your customized reports make

it easy to understand the financial aid provided, the out-of-pocket cost to attend, and your funding

gap as compared to your College Pre-Approval™


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