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Guiding Your Journey to College

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What We Do

We provide personalized college planning and expert guidance for students and families navigating the college and financial aid process. Our college admissions strategies help students discover themselves and maximize their chances of admission to their best fit college.

Why Hire a College Consultant?

The process for finding the right college and gaining admission has become increasingly complex and more competitive. A college consultant that has been vetted through one of the major professional associations of counselors can provide you with up-to-date advice and demonstrate the highest standards in education, training, and ethics.

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Our Services

No matter where you are in your journey to higher education, we can help with college planning, applications, financial aid, and more. Our services can be customized to each unique student and strategically prepare anyone for great colleges.

We provide students and families the following:

Personalized Attention

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We personalize and tailor our services to each unique student.

Enhance the hard work of high school counselors who may have limited time to help college bound students because of additional responsibilities.  We provide the time and expertise to empower your student

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We help you think like a college admissions officer. 


My services are rooted in the knowledge and experiences gained by countless college visits, formal education,  years mentoring college bound students, and the network of fellow counselors and admissions officers in my professional associations.  You will learn the unique qualities that different colleges offer and gain insight from the gatekeepers.

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Finding the Best Fit College

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We help students identify the best overall fit colleges.

We take a holistic approach to assessing a student and discovering their aptitude and personality. This allows us and the student to understand which school would be the right fit personally, academically, socially, professionally, geographically, and financially. 

Maximized Admission Odds

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We strategically prepare students to present the total package to colleges.

It is not just about grades anymore. College admissions are becoming more selective and consider more factors in each student. However, many students struggle to plan extracurriculars, courses, standardized tests, leadership opportunities, financial aid, and various application requirements. As a college admissions specialist, we can strategically help position your student for their best fit college.

Reduced Stress

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We take the stress out of the college admissions process

The journey to college can be an exciting process that begins well before senior year. However, admission to a dream college can be very difficult and expensive if not planned carefully. We guide you through the entire process and provide expertise on choices and decisions that can lead your student to a happy and thriving college education. Our goal is to give you a great return on investment for your child.

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We are here to answer your questions

  • Are you trying to get a head start on preparation for college?

  • Is your child not sure where he or she would like to go for college?

  • Does your child need some direction in navigating the college admissions process?

  • Not sure how to prepare your high school student for top universities?

  • Are you concerned about financial aid?

  • Does your student need help to figure out how to write compelling college essays?

  • Are you a military veteran transitioning to college and need help?

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