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9th/10th Grade Package

This package is designed for students early in their high school journey that want a jump start on the college admissions process and a desire to strategically prepare for success.


We first offer an overview of the college landscape and begin the college planning process with both parents and students. We provide thorough guidance and planning on high school course curriculum, extracurriculars, summer programs, and work with students on a passion project.

This package is also designed to help students improve their study skills and time management techniques to help them successfully pursue their goals and interests.  We also offer a standardized test assessment (ACT or SAT) and a study plan tailored to their results. The following are the different components of this package:

How to Succeed in High School

Throughout our work with students, we will equip them with valuable resources, effective techniques, and a strategic mindset to navigate high school and help them achieve admission into their dream college.

High School Friends

College Planning 101

In this session, we offer insight into what college admissions officers are looking for in students, including an in-dpeth look at some college programs. We then outline the road map to college and the neccesary benchmarks each student should aim to achieve throughout their high school journey.

Studying in the Library

Curriculum Planning

We assess the student's current grades and examine their school's course catalog. Emphasizing the significance of challenging coursework, we carefully plan their class schedule to ensure a manageable level of rigor. Our ultimate objective is to align their academic and career interests as closely as possible, while demonstrating college level readiness. 

Lacrosse Game

Extracurricular Strategy

It is not just about grades anymore. To stand out, students must demonstrate leadership and establish project goals for extracurricular and summer activities. Participating in numerous activities without a genuine commitment can be counterproductive. We help students creatively approach and maximize their involvement in extracurricular activities, community service, and summer enrichment programs that align with their interests.

Standardized Test Prep

At our location, or virtually, we provide a standardized test assessment of your choice. After the assessment, we'll create a personalized study plan for your predetermined test date.

Image by Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu

Study Skills

We first provide a learning and productivity assessment before we customize our approach on improving students’ study skills. We use their natural preferences as a basis for our guidance and offer a range of study skill techniques, ranging from effective note-taking methods to personalize strategies that cater to a student’s learning style and adapt to multi-modal environments and diverse coursework.

Exam Studies
Image by Marissa Grootes

Time Management

We begin by assessing the student’s time management skills and their ability to pace themselves on various tasks. We then customize our counseling to address their needs by teaching them a range of time management skills. These include creating a daily schedule, prioritizing and tracking multiple tasks, utilizing planners and checklists, breaking down projects into manageable portions, monitoring progress, and more.

Wall of ideas

Passion Project

Finally, we guide students through a project-oriented exercise that allows them to delve into a topic they are enthusiastic about beyond the classroom and eventually showcase it to their school or community. By aligning with a student’s interests and academic goals, this project will intrinsically cultivate skills in problem solving, innovation, and create experiences that will enable a student to distinguish themselves in college admissions, but more importantly, gain fulfilling memories and lifelong skills.  

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