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Service Academies & ROTC 

We also specialize in service academy admissions and ROTC scholarships. Here are a few resources for students interested in these military commissioning programs.

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What is a service academy?

Service academies are four-year undergraduate programs that offer bachelor's degrees and prepare students for military service as an officer in each of its corresponding military branches.

Students undergo a competitive admissions process that entails obtaining a congressional nomination, physical fitness test, medical physical, and interview, on top of the traditional college application. Students admitted to these service academies receive a full-ride scholarship with a stipend and incur a commitment to serve in the military upon graduation.

USNA Parade.jpeg

U.S. Naval Academy
Annapolis, MD

Nomination Process

Candidates for any of the service academies must receive at least one nomination from either their district's US Congressman or one of their state's US Senators. The following are the requirements for each of the Congressmen and Senators from Arkansas, and a congressional member search tool for candidates living outside of the state.

Sen John Boozman.jpeg

Senator John Boozman

Sen Tom Cotton.jpeg

Senator Tom Cotton

Rep Crawford.jpeg

Rep. Crawford (AR-1)

Rep French Hill.jpeg

Rep. Hill (AR-2)

Rep Steve Womack.jpeg

Rep. Womack (AR-3)

Rep Bruce Westerman.jpeg

Rep. Westerman (AR-4)

For out of state candidates, look up your congressional members here:

What is ROTC?

The Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) is a military officer training program based in many colleges and universities around the country. Students train in the ROTC as an extension of their traditional college academics and activities.


Students that receive an ROTC scholarship have their tuition, fees, and books covered, on top of a stipend. Scholarship recipients also incur a military service obligation as an officer, similar to service academy graduates. Students without the scholarship can also attend ROTC and be considered for a commission as an officer in the Armed Forces.


ROTC Scholarship Information

(Includes interest in the Marine Corps)

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