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Tailored Services

Our services can also focus on the specific needs of any student at any point in time of a student’s journey to college. These customized services are offered on an hourly basis, allowing students and families to select the amount of support they need and tailored to any specific aspect of the college prep or admissions process. This flexible approach ensures that students receive the guidance they require.

  • Does your student need help in brainstorming and crafting college essays?

  • Is your student struggling to search for college programs that are the right fit and having difficulty putting together a well-balanced college list?

  • Does your student need support in developing a passion project that will help them explore their interests and showcase their creativity and leadership skills?

  • Looking for advice on college planning for a younger student that is still several years away from college?

  • Are there other questions and areas you would like to explore with us?

We can tailor an hourly package that fits your needs - just give us a call or schedule a free consultation. 

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Let's Work Together

Contact us to learn more about these services and how we can tailor a package for you.

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