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12th Grade Package

This service is for students starting the application process that have a list of colleges but need help navigating the whole process. After a brief intake meeting, we develop an application strategy and timeline that will maximize a student's accomplishments and interests in a way that sets them on the best course possible. We also help families navigate the financial aid process and scholarship opportunities. 

Our goal is to help students put their best foot forward in their applications and guide families through an informed decision-making process for financial aid and enrollment. 


Application Strategy

Determine application priorities (Early Decision, Early Action, Regular, etc.); provide students with access to Waypoint's student portal; develop deadlines and a timeline; consolidate and organize all requirements for all applications.


Letters of Recommendation

Assist students in identifying strong recommenders that can match a student's application theme and provide advice on how to reach out and prompt them.


Interview Prep

Provide advice on developing talking points for the college interview that demonstrate a legitimate interest. Conduct a mock interview with feedback on the student's delivery. 

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Decision & Enrollment Counseling

Provide advice on gap-year options, waitlist, and deferment notifications. Consolidate all acceptances and financial aid award letters and provide a cost-benefit analysis with important considerations already discussed with the student and family. Provide additional resources to help students and their families make informed decisions.


College Essays

Brainstorm essay topics with students; assist students in refining personal statements and supplemental essays; help students discover how to authentically communicate their personal story, interests, and goals. 


Financial Aid & Scholarships

Help families navigate through the federal and institutional financial aid processes with College Aid Pro; guide students through merit-based scholarship applications.


Application Submission

Keep the student and family on deadlines for all applications. Oversee the submission of miscellaneous requirements and final applications.


Transition & Career Counseling

Provide transition counseling to help students prepare for independent life in college. One career planning session is also offered to all my students whenever they are ready to use it later in their college journey. 

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Contact us to get a quote and learn more about these services. 

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