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Waypoint's Student Portal

Personalized and Mobile

Task Management

Providing a centralized location for all tasks, meetings, communication, and college list management, the student portal helps students engage with us and keep them on track to meet their goals.

Facilitate Communication

With file-sharing capabilities, text message communication, and email logs, students are able to access all important shared information from within their student portal.

College Information

The ability to search through a database of thousands of college profiles helps facilitate students' research and exploration of schools while also providing a location to compile and store their own college notes and observations.

One-Stop Shop

  • Students can access their account and college profile data from any device in any location.

  • Waypoint will post important messages for students including important links, files, and announcements. 

  • Secure location to store and share passwords used in the college admissions process.

  • Easily track all interactions between students and Waypoint. We can also save time by emailing students and parents our notes in the student portal.

Stay On Task

  • Meetings, tasks, application deadlines, and test dates are all organized for students.

  • A centralized location to manage consultant and student-created tasks.

  • Students can link their student portal calendar to their external calendar (Apple, Google, Outlook, Yahoo).

  • Schedule meetings, send emails, and upload files.

Up-to-Date Information

  • Thousands of comprehensive college profiles are available to students.

  • The information is up-to-date and also contains current deadlines and essay prompts for the current application season.

  •  Students have access to the Fiske Guide Profiles and other college research tools.

  • Students and Waypoint can add additional information and provide a printout of each college profile for parents and students. 

Schedule a Free Consultation

Contact us or click this link to schedule a free consultation and start your journey to college on the right foot.

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