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Start Your Journey to College With Expert Advice.

We work in-depth with students of all types to become acquainted with their unique talents and interests. We use this to guide their path toward a college that will fit their personality, interests and allow them to thrive.

No matter where students are in high school, we have options that can be tailored to serve their needs. Preview our services below and reach out to us for a quote and free consultation. 

Waypoint's Services


This service offers comprehensive guidance and support for the entire college planning, search, and admissions process for the student and family. Recommended for 11th graders or rising juniors.

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Students early in their high school journey receive in-depth personality and aptitude assessments and one-on-one college planning, as well as study skills and time management guidance. 


Geared toward rising seniors or students starting college applications, we offer guidance on all aspects of the college application and enrollment decisions.

Waypoint's Student Portal

Our services include a personalized online platform for students to customize their college planning and manage every aspect of their college admissions. This multi-functional tool provides access to an extensive database of up-to-date information on thousands of colleges. It helps students work with Waypoint on all college admission logistics, and manage all tasks and deadlines in one place.

Waypoint's Personality & Aptitude Assessments


The Highlands Ability Battery

Discover What You Do Best

This aptitude test is considered by many career coaches and college consultants as the gold standard of human assessment tools.  The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) identifies your natural abilities and provides compelling proof of why you are the way you are and the driving forces that lie underneath your personality and actions. With this information, students can understand how their natural abilities and talents are hardwired in ways that make them distinct. These natural tendencies affect their choices, personal style, preferred work environment, and how they solve problems most effectively. 

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Young Professionals

Group Workshops

Your journey is just beginning and now is the time to understand your natural talents so that you can pursue a field of study and career that aligns with your strengths and realizes your full potential. Waypoint's certified consultant will set you on the right path.

The answers to your life's work are inside you. But like everyone, you could use help to really understand yourself. The HAB is an investment in your future that will help you discover a fulfilling path to career satisfaction.

The Highlands Ability Battery can be offered in a group setting for students at any high school. Our certified consultant will administer the aptitude test online and debrief all the students in a fun and interactive in-person workshop together in a classroom.


We offer a suite of assessments that deliver a solid foundation of personal insight and help students leverage their strengths, highlight their interests, and help plan an educational path and career goals that are most likely to fulfill lifelong satisfaction and success. These assessments aid our discussions with students and inform the search for their best fit college.


We are here to answer your questions, discuss how we can tailor our services for your child, and provide a quote.


Call us, email us, or schedule a 45-minute consultation. We look forward to meeting you and your child. 

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