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AchieveWorks Assessments

Our services include the AchieveWorks suite of assessments that provide students with clarity about their strengths, help them perform better academically, and points them to an educational path and career goals that are most suited to their unique personality, skills and interests. Developed specifically for students in grades 9-12, and based on scientific research, the AchieveWorks suite of assessments builds a solid foundation of insight for a student's personal, academic and career success. 


Use the enduring power of personality to improve students’ education and career planning. See how students’ personality impacts learning, work and problem solving, communication, collaboration, relationships, and best career options. This assessment, based on Carl Jung, Katherine Cook Briggs and Isabella Briggs Myer, students receive their four-letter personality code (eg, ISFJ) and its related strengths and challenges.


Decades of research shows that students learn best in different ways and by engaging all their senses. Students and parents will discover each student’s traditional sensory learning style, along with environmental and mindset productivity preferences. We will discuss academic performance and personal satisfaction with individualized strategies to adapt students’ preferences for success in multi-modal environments.


Intelligence comes in many forms and can always be developed further. Students who know their multiple intelligences and emotional intelligence (EI) strengths can leverage that knowledge to perform better in school and select a satisfying education and career path. Personalized reports include 9 multiple intelligences with advice for each, including strengths and comparisons , and each student’s rating of 14 emotional intelligence traits.


Some skills go by many names - soft, generalized, even employability. The 5 critical skills and 15 skill facets measured in this assessment align with HEXACO theory. We will discuss recommendations to build their skillset and after a guided self-assessment that highlights students' values, we will then come up with a list of careers that they would do well at, based on their current skillset.

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