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The Highlands Ability Battery

The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) is widely considered the gold standard of human assessment tools and was founded on the work of research scientist Johnson O'Connor.  It identifies a person’s natural abilities and provides compelling evidence of the driving forces that lie underneath their personality and actions. Armed with this information, students can understand how their natural abilities and talents are hardwired in ways that make them distinct. These natural tendencies influence their choices, personal style, preferred work environment, and how they solve problems most effectively. This insight serves as the foundation and starting point to identify fulfilling career options that are best suited for a student’s strengths and natural abilities.

What It Measures

The HAB is an assessment that measures aptitudes that stabilize around age 14 and are not typically modified by training or practice. It specifically measures 14 abilities, three personal style dimensions, and one skill. It is designed to shine a light on a student's core strengths and personal style based on patterns in their natural inclinations and abilities.

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How It's Tested

The HAB is unique in that it measures your abilities based on performance rather than perception. Unlike tests of skills, personality, interests, or values - all of which are influenced by changes over time - abilities are assessed by completing tasks under certain time frames to measure how easily you can perform those tasks. There are 19 work samples in the HAB, which require the test-taker to follow instructions on a computer screen (reproduced in audio) and then to "do" or "recognize" something in response. In all, the HAB takes 3.5 hours to complete and can be taken anywhere on a personal laptop with headphones, and does not have to be taken in one sitting.  

How It's Scored

After you complete all 19 work samples, you will receive customized reports that provide insights into how you think, what makes you click, and where you will thrive. Your results are revealed in an individual analysis report of more than 30+ pages. The report begins with your personal profile (see example), showing the score achieved for each ability and its significance as it relates to your personality, your motivation, and how you learn, communicate, solve problems, and make decisions. The HAB also includes an interactive career supplement report that reveals personal patterns of abilities and how they align with certain careers. 

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How It's Administered


Take the
Highlands Ability Battery 

  • Online Assessment

  • Computer & Headphones required 

  • 19 Work Samples

  • 3 Hours (total time, but can be broken up by work sample)


Customized Reports

  • Personal Profile Scores

  • Standard HAB Report (30+ pages)

  • Career Exploration Supplement (30+ pages)

  • Interactive HAB - O*Net Career Exploration Tool


One-On-One Feedback Session

  • Meet with Certified HAB Consultant

  • 2 Hour Feedback Session

  • HAB Results Debriefed

  • Identify Key Patterns and Strengths 

  • Identify work roles and environments that are a good fit for the student.


Counseling Session on Personal Vision

  • 1 Hour Session

  • Design personalized Whole Person Model

  • Discuss Goals and Vision

  • Discuss plan to implement next steps.

Sign Up for the Highlands Ability Battery

Contact us or click this link to schedule a Highlands Ability Battery assessment or a free consultation to start your journey to college on the right foot.

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