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Discovery Package

This package is designed for students who either lack a clear vision for their future, wish to gain more self-awareness, or seek clarity regarding their interests and strengths.

For any students trying to discover more about themselves, we offer a comprehensive package of aptitude, personality, and career interest assessments that deliver a solid foundation of personal insight. Through one-on-one counseling, we use these tools to help students discover their natural abilities, leverage their strengths, highlight their interests, and plan an educational path and career goals that are most likely to fulfill lifelong satisfaction and success.

Our Method


By utilizing the comprehensive range of 7 distinct assessments, we evaluate various aspects of a student's interests, abilities, and personality. We then provide a detailed and personalized report from each assessment, containing their scores and interpretations.


One-on-one counseling is provided to discuss the results of each assessment. These in-depth discussions with the student will facilitate a deeper understanding of who they are and also provide awareness of how others around them are different.  

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Our final objective is to piece all the assessments and interpretations together to develop a personal vision and set of career goals that meet their strengths, natural abilities, personality, skills, values, and interests.

Our Assessments

Highlands Ability Battery 

  • Understanding one's natural abilities and how they are hardwired provides powerful guidance for students trying to figure out what they want to do in life.

  • The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) is an objective assessment of a student's abilities, determined through timed work samples and their performance.

  • The results will equip a student with clear language to describe their natural abilities, the types of roles and responsibilities most aligned with their aptitudes, and tools for exploring their options.

  • Each student receives a 3-hour assessment, comprehensive customized reports including their scores and interpretation, and a debrief with us.

Strong Interest Inventory

  • The Strong Interest Inventory identifies a student's work personality by exploring their interests in six broad areas: realistic, artistic, investigative, social, enterprising, and conventional

  • The results, based on extensive research and data, provide the student with ten occupational interests that fit their work personality.

  • Each student receives a 291 multiple-choice questionnaire that typically takes 35-40 minutes.

  • A certified consultant provides feedback on their results, along with a profile report. 

Achieve Works

  • The AchieveWorks assessments allow a student to discover their learning style, productivity preferences, emotional and multiple intelligences, skills, and personality.

  • Consisting of 4 separate assessments, each one typically takes less than 20 minutes to complete.

  • Each assessment delivers an interactive, easy-to-read report detailing a student's strengths, challenges, and recommendations for improvement.

  • Waypoint's consultant will discuss each report and raise the student's self-knowledge and understanding of personal preferences, allowing for a greater appreciation of differences between individuals and the opportunity to maximize strengths and preferred environments while working on challenges.

Knowdell Card Sorts

Knowdell Values Card Sorts.png
  • The Knowdell Career Values Card Sort is a simple tool that allows you to prioritize your career values. 

  • This exercise helps students gain a better understanding of the "world of work" and see how their career values fit in with their Personal Style (HAB), their career interests (SII), and motivated skills (AchieveWorks).

  • This becomes the final piece before we guide the student through the development of their personal vision and mid to long-term goals. 

Plan Your Future

Reveal students' natural abilities, interests, and skills
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Identify best career options and educational paths
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Develop a solid foundation of personal insight and longterm goals

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