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About Us

Located in Little Rock, Arkansas, Waypoint College Consulting is an independent educational counseling service that helps students and parents select colleges, navigate the admissions and financial aid process, and strategically prepare students for their best-fit college.

Our Vision

We believe that every student should have support in discovering their career interests and educational goals. They should have personal access to the resources and knowledge that will allow them and their families to prepare and navigate the college admissions process seamlessly. 

Our goal is to ensure that all of our students experience a fulfilling and thriving college education at their best-fit school.

Our Process

Every student that we work with is celebrated as a unique individual. Through our in-depth assessments and one-on-one meetings, we get to know a lot about our students, their strengths, interests, goals, and career ambitions. 

This consultant-to-student relationship allows us to guide them more accurately through college preferences, messaging their story, and helps us understand and improve their voice on college applications. Our process ultimately functions to serve students in discovering and gaining admission to their best fit college.

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