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11th Grade Package

This premium service provides in-depth one-on-one counseling with students on the entire college planning and admissions process. Our first objective with this package is to really get to know each student so that we can guide them through a self-discovery process that will optimize college applications for their best fit schools.  


This comprehensive package is recommended for rising juniors or those well into their 11th grade. It consists of the following: 

Junior Package Journey.png

Phase 1: Assessment & Self-Discovery

The first phase of our service takes a holistic approach to assessing a student. This allows us and the student to understand which school would be the right fit personally, academically, socially, geographically, and financially. 

During our meetings with students and parents, we also offer a basic assessment designed to discover students' learning styles, productivity preferences, emotional and multiple intelligences, skills, and personality. We encourage adding the more comprehensive Discovery Package for a more in-depth assessment, but it is not required.

What We Do:

  • Begin with our family intake process that entails a questionnaire for parents and students, discuss college planning factors, and establish expectations. 

  • Assessment of the student's personality, skills, intelligences, values, and learning and productivity preferences.

  • Guide the student through a self-assessment process that helps the student clarify priorities and discover interests and goals for college.


Phase 2: Charting a Strategic Path to College

The second phase is the implementation of an educational, testing, and extracurricular plan. For students well into their junior year, we help them maximize their remaining time and achieve their goals.


This phase also includes a thorough college search and creating a list of colleges to which the student will apply. We will also assist students in brainstorming personal statement essays and other anticipated college essays.

What We Do:

  • Review of academic records and guidance on course selection and level of rigor.

  • Plan extracurricular and summer involvement, and how to communicate past experiences and accomplishments.

  • Standardized testing assessment and study plan for improved test scores

  • College preference assessment and in-depth college search

  • Preparation of a selected list of colleges that are uniquely suited to the student

  • Prepare students and parents for successful college visits

  • Brainstorm ideas for compelling college essay topics and later review rough drafts.


Phase 3: Applying to College

The third phase is the most intensive part of the process that revolves around the completion of applications, financial aid, testing requirements, letters of recommendation, resumes, interview prep, and brainstorming and editing additional essays.

We use our student portal, which is specifically designed to track, communicate, and coordinate the application process and provide up-to-date information, deadlines, and requirements on thousands of colleges and universities.

What We Do:

  • Application strategy, planning, and detailed timeline with tasks - all coordinated within our student portal.

  • Assist students in refining personal statements and supplemental essays

  • Advice on communicating and outreach for letters of recommendation

  • Prepare students for college interviews.

  • Keep students accountable for deadlines and oversee the submission of miscellaneous requirements and applications to colleges.


Phase 4: Decisions, Enrollment, and Transition

The final phase helps students and parents evaluate their final options by providing tools and resources to make informed decisions on financial aid and enrollment.


The student will also receive career counseling and a framework for transitioning to college. 

What We Do:

  • Advice on a course of action for waitlist and deferment notifications.

  • Guidance, tools, and resources to make an informed decision on financial aid award letters and enrollment.

  • Counseling session for the student to help make a smooth transition to college.

  • One career counseling session at any time during their time in college. 

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