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Veterans Day Interview: Supporting Student Veterans and Service Academies

What should students consider if they want to attend a service academy? What resources are available to veterans when they get out of the military? What can counselors do to support student veterans and active duty personnel in attaining their educational goals? Waypoint's Principal Consultant, Steve Colley, a former U.S. Marine and Naval Academy graduate, answers these questions in an interview hosted by Cyndy McDonald.

Cyndy is a Certified Educational Planner and a recognized leader in college counseling and in business. She has over thirty years of experience as an independent educational consultant and as a leader helping college planning practices develop and expand their services. She is a professor at UCLA Extension where she teaches in the college counseling certificate program. Cyndy serves as an active member of several professional organizations: NCAG, AICEP, NACAC, IECA, WACAC, and HECA.

For more information on navigating the admissions process to service academies or ROTC scholarships, or for veterans and active duty personnel seeking admissions to college, then contact Steve Colley at

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